CrossRoads Logo & Design Guidelines

Crossroads Realty Group - new brand guidelines

You will discover all the elements that make up the new Crossroads Realty Group brand brokered by eXp Realty brand in this document, including our logo, typography, color palettes, and image styles. By combining these elements, we will be able to create a strong and consistent brand identity throughout our organization. Please contact a member of our marketing team if you have any questions regarding these guidelines.
exp Realty Group Logos & Guidline

eXp Brand - brand guidelines

We are a brand that is easily recognized through our logo, which is a unique and easily recognizable mark. This modern and clean design was developed in collaboration with our agents, delivering a graphic statement that reflects the core values of our company.
CROSSROADS Color Pallette

Color Palette

Having a primary color palette is an important element of the brand, as it has the ability to tie together all of the elements, assets, and templates.

There must be a consistent color scheme throughout all Crossroads & eXp assets in order to create a feeling of unity.
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